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The Badlands

 South Dakota


The seed for Shift Your Gears was was planted in our hearts in May of 2020.  We were on our 10 year anniversary trip, taking time to reflect on our last 10 years as well as pondering the next 10. The Lord began tugging on our hearts and over the course of several months, actually almost a year, that seed grew and He shifted our gears!  

What does it Mean...?

What does it mean to shift your gears?  The term “shift your gears” is an idiom.  It means to change what you are doing.   We shifted from a life that was building our own kingdom, a “me centric” life, to one that is focused on building God’s Kingdom.    

We believe that many people are ready for a SHIFT… to a life of purpose!  Maybe that’s you.  Do you believe the Lord is tugging on your heart to shift your gears?  We would love to have a conversation to encourage, pray, and walk with you as you pursue that shift.

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Where are we?

Our Latest Update:

November 2023

Location: Florida

Bokeelia, Florida 

The Now:
  • Due to his increased role in Hope Fleet’s operations (learn more) and his desire to be available for other ministry opportunities, Tim felt led to step away from Towboat US. 
  • Tim is working to grow his web design business and a has a desire to help ministries gain visibility online to help them grow.
  • We continue to make connections, build relationships, and are actively pursing ministry opportunities as they arise.
Our Prayer Requests:
  • Growth of Tim’s web business (send clients our way)
  • Clear direction as opportunities arise; those to say “yes” to and those to wait on.   
  • Continued balance as we navigate work/school schedules and still pour into our community here
Praise Reports:
  • All 3 girls made honor roll this quarter!!!
  • We were able to get Izabel, much need, glasses and she loves them.
  • Evelyn just earned Student of the Month and she came in 4th overall at her last cross country meet with a time of 15:08.
  • Jessi is learning to read.
  • The Annapolis Sailboat Show was AMAZING!  Divine appointment after divine appointment.  Tim was able to meet with not just sailors, but many people in key positions within the industry to help share the mission and vision of Hope Fleet, Maritime Ministries, and Kings Fleet.  
  • Hope Fleet was able to cover the cost for Tim to attend the Annapolis Boat Show.
  • The Kings Fleet Conference was so encouraging and inspiring.  From the moment we arrived until the end we felt like we were with family.  It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many people completely sold out for Christ! 
  • We were able to visit with our old church family in South Carolina and join them for their first service in the new location; Mullins, SC.  This body had been praying and believing for this since we were with them 10+ years ago. 
Big News:

Tim has recently joined the staff at Hope Fleet as the Ocean Reach Coordinator. “Hope Fleet is an international boating organization empowering Caribbean communities to better care for children and families. Jesus Christ taught that it is everyone’s responsibility to do what we can to care for each other, especially the poor, widowed, and orphaned. They fulfill that responsibility and compassionately deliver hope to as many as they are able by sailing essential supplies and providing services to those who need it most.” learn more at

This is a volunteer position that will incur travel and other ministry expenses, so Tim will be seeking financial support along the way (all donations are tax deductible). We are excited to link arms with this ministry and make an even bigger impact on the lives of those we serve. 

Shifted to What?

In June of 2021 we quit our day jobs, moved into our camper, and stepped out to be available to the Lord.  We have traveled all over the United States being his hands and feet, loving those around us, and sharing the good news of Jesus wherever we are. 

We continue to live in a posture of being open handed and available to whatever and wherever the Lord leads us. 

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