Ways to Support Us:


The absolute number one way you can support us is to keep us in your prayers. Check our “Update” section on the home page for our latest prayer requests.

Supporting us financially

Help Tim with ministry expenses at Hope Fleet.  Every little bit helps.

Hope Fleet is a 501c3 all contributions are tax deductible.

    We believe that work is good and God has been so faithful to provide opportunities for us to work.  We take advantage of those opportunities and He continues to meet our needs in many different ways. Kim is working at our church’s school Christian Life Academy.  We are blessed to be part of this ministry and blessed by the income it provides for our family.

    That being said, we have been asked multiple times how someone could send us a blessing.  In the past we have only been able to use Zelle or Venmo but we have recently been blessed by Hope Fleet to be able take gifts through them as Tim is now on staff there as the Ocean Reach Coordinator.  This allows you to take advantage of the tax benefits of donating to a 501c3. 

All gifts given through this link will help offset the ministry expenses incurred as he works as a the Ocean Reach Coordinator at Hope Fleet.  Primary travel and living expenses. This  is an uncompensated position and he is encouraged to seek support to assist with his expenses.  

Checkout our Amazon Store!

We have amazon Affiliate links to different items on the website.  If you use these links and make a purchase we earn a small commission on that purchase.  Below is all the links in one place.


Is the Lord leading you to support us in a different way? Please take a minute to fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you soon.  

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    Affiliate Programs:

    Shift Your Gears can make a small commission when you purchase items through our affiliate links. 

    Amazon Affiliate Links

    It seems everyone uses Amazon anymore, so why not use our links for your purchases. This cost you nothing and we get a small kickback on anything you buy through our links. You’ll find them around the site for specific items follow this link to a list of links:

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    Support Our Friends

    We hold these organizations and people near and dear to our hearts.  Please consider supporting them as they put their hands to kingdom work.

    Preparing a Place Ministries

    Preparing A Place Ministries endeavors to serve the orphan and poor in the most forgotten and overlooked places in the world.

    Ulmer's in Japan

    The Ulmers are on mission in Japan and have a passion to see the Japanese youth set free.

    Esther's Rising

    Esther's Rising is a faith based organization working relentlessly to rescue, redeem, and renew child survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

    Hope Fleet

    Tim has recently joined up with Hope Fleet as a volunteer staff member. We love what they do. We ask that you would consider supporting them.

    Maritime Ministries

    Maritime Ministries facilitate adventure and discipleship through the use of sailboats, being “salt and light" and sharing the Gospel with all they come in contact with.