Iron Friends

Kim / September 20, 2021 / Devotionals

We all need to be sharpened!

We all need Iron Friends! What does that even mean? Think of your kitchen knives… over time and after much use they get dull, worn out, or even nicked/chipped… eventually if you want them to be effective again you will need to sharpen them.

Often, sharpening sticks or stones can be used to rub against the blade, causing friction and changing the dull areas to become sharp again. Friction creates heat and heat causes things to change shape. However, this rubbing and friction doesn’t always feel good, but what it produces is an effective tool again.

This is the same for every one of us, we too need sharpened. We need friends who know the word, speak the word, encourage and pray the word. Through life’s circumstances or everyday responsibilities we can become worn out, experience “blah” moods, be in a fog, or just stuck in a rut and we need some friction from some iron friends to sharpen us and remind us of the hope we have in Jesus.

Sometimes we aren’t experiencing these things at all, we just need a push to walk in our gifts or a nudge to step out in what God has shown us. Even if they know it’s gonna hurt for a moment, iron friends keep us on track, hold us accountable, and speak the truth in love. Welcome the “rubbing”, welcome the “friction”, welcome the “heat” because what’s produced is a closer reflection to that of Jesus!

We are thankful for the technology of today to stay connected and have continued sharpening with our Iron Friends around the nation.  Every step, God has been faithful to add a new iron friends to our tool box.

Iron friends are the best kind of friends! 

Who are your iron friends?


“As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another.”


..Science geek connection…as a former science teacher this amazed me!

“Iron is always busy helping sustain life on earth…” I grabbed this quote from a science article. It spoke about how iron is such a valuable element in sustaining life. It is necessary for plants to produce chlorophyll and it’s a component of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to our cells. Not to mention it’s many other uses…

This, too, can preach! 

Perhaps I will save that for a later devotion?